He’s Crazy, But He’s a Nice Guy.

HearAid Foundation board member Sonny Hong to run 100 miles for hearing

He’s at it again. Sonny Hong, who sits on the board of HearAid Foundation, really loves to run. Last year, he had decided to run an ultra marathon for his 49th birthday. Halfway through his training he began to think that maybe all the running he was doing could be turned into a way to benefit others. He decided that for his 49th birthday he would run 49 miles to raise $49,000 for HearAid Foundation. And he did.

This year, Sonny is stepping it up a notch… or, 51 notches, if you will. On July 10th Sonny will run 100 miles to raise $100,000 for HearAid Foundation. Sonny will be running the Santa Barbara 100, which will take him throughout the local mountains, running from 6pm on Friday, July 10th until around 4pm on Sunday, July 12th.

Yeah, it sounds crazy to us, too. Then again, inspiration almost always looks like craziness.

Sonny is inspired by the prospect of helping people hear, and we are inspired by him. We invite you, your company or your organization to participate by helping him hit his $100,000 goal. You can contribute through his fundraising page or email us today to find out about corporate sponsorship opportunities!