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An incredible community of people and corporations gladly donate their time and money to help change people’s lives through HearAid Foundation. Their participation results in immediate transformation of the lives of children and adults alike who suffer from hearing loss. We invite you to join us.

Individual & Corporate Sponsorship

HearAid Foundation presents an excellent opportunity for corporate donors and individuals. Our infrastructure and network has been tried and proven, yet we have enormous growth still ahead of us. We look to partner with supporters who value quality and impact, and who are interested in being a prominent, defining presence in the work we do.


HearAid Foundation is not the nonprofit arm of a hearing aid manufacturer or large service corporation. We are an independent organization founded by hearing experts and professionals who want to provide quality care and the right devices and services to recipients. Results for the recipient are the only strings we want attached to every appointment, fitting or check-up. We are deeply committed to maintaining quality of care and solutions as we expand our reach.


We make the most of every dollar. We partner with hearing professionals willing to donate their time to HearAid recipients; our board members donate their time; we leverage our professional relationships
to acquire devices at the lowest possible cost so we can provide help to as many recipients as possible. Even as we stretch each dollar, we do not compromise on the interest of the patient. HearAid recipients get the hearing devices and services that they need for their specific hearing difficulty.


Donors have a unique opportunity to shine in the HearAid landscape. Every initiative and event that HearAid produces, and every interaction with recipients and their communities, is an opportunity to acknowledge and promote the generosity of a title sponsor. Established, large-scale foundations are less able to give prominence to donors contributing less than enormous sums. Simply put, HearAid is in a position to put corporate donor brands front-and-center.


At this early stage, HearAid Foundation has the flexibility to consider the hearing needs of communities close to our donors’ hearts and homes as much as our own. We welcome the prospect of real partnership with donors who want to see HearAid’s reach and scope grow.

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Your financial contributions are tax deductible.

Volunteer for HearAid Foundation

HearAid Foundation volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization and the reason we have made the kind of impact we have been able to make. As an all-volunteer organization, HearAid depends on the generosity of people who care enough to commit their time and energy in many capacities.


If you have a strong interest in helping people hear; if you are a hearing professional looking to contribute to your community; or if you are simply passionate about seeing children, families, adults and elderly people thrive and you want to make a difference, we invite you to join hands with HearAid Foundation!

Here are just some of the areas in which we need support:

  • Fundraising
  • Team building
  • Events
  • Hearing aid fittings
  • Communications

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