HearAid Foundation Welcomes Ayca Miller as Board Member

Leadership connects with HearAid recipients in new ways

The HearAid Foundation Board of Directors is made up of individuals and professionals who are all connected to the issue of hearing loss in some way – some are doctors; some are family members of those with hearing loss; some are professionals serving hearing providers. However, no one with hearing loss has sat on the board of HearAid Foundation – until now. This month HearAid Foundation officially invited Ayca Gokcen Miller to sit on its board of directors.

When she was three years old Ayca was diagnosed with a moderately severe loss in both ears. Upon returning home with her first pair of hearing aids, she heard birds singing for the very first time.

Ayca first learned about HearAid Foundation a few years ago, just after she had moved to Southern California from Chicago. She contacted us to offer her support for our first annual gala, and she has been a passionate part of the team ever since.

Ayca does a tremendous amount of work on events for HearAid Foundation; however, coming from her own experience with hearing loss, Ayca’s contribution to our beneficiary process has become an incredible value. Many of our recipients are getting their first pair of hearing aids; the experience is very new, the recipients are young, and they are sometimes embarrassed or shy. Ayca attends every HearAid Foundation hearing aid fitting that she can, and follows up with recipients and their families to provide not only practical support but a warmth of understanding that helps recipients get accustomed to their new devices, as well as their new hearing lifestyles.

With a professional background in client services and marketing, and as the only member with hearing loss, Ayca’s appointment to the HearAid Foundation board of directions brings new opportunities to HearAid Foundation. She has become our spunkiest public representative, being our voice at community events and conventions as she improves our ability to connect with the community. We are extremely fortunate to have her on our team, and we are proud to announce her as a board member.

Welcome, Ayca!