The media loved these cutie pies!

August 27, 2015

Darling 6-month-old twins Kayla and Kiara Hernandez have had their story broadcasted across the nation over the last day, after a couple of local news crews showed up to witness the fitting of their new hearing aids provided by HearAid Foundation.

After Kayla and Kiara both failed their newborn hearing tests, parents Gemila and Raul Hernandez worried about what that would mean for the girls as they grew, since they couldn’t afford the $10,000 the hearing aids would likely cost, and which weren’t going to be covered by their insurance provider. In the mountain of hospital paperwork, Gemila found a HearAid Foundation brochure, which she suspects was placed in her packet by the audiologist who tested the girls. She contacted HearAid Foundation in hopes of finding help for Kayla and Kiara – and she did! We were able to provide new hearing aids for both girls.

Kayla and Kiara were fitted by Dr. Cheryl Tanita, chief of audiology at Shohet Ear Associates in Seal Beach, California. Gemila and Raul were emotional as the girls’ hearing aids were turned on. With members of the media present, the babies kicked and cooed as their parents spoke words of love to them – probably hearing those words clearly for the first time!

Since the story first ran on a few local Southern California stations, it has caught the attention of national and international news – and how could it not? Look at those cheeks!

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