About This Project


Earlier this year we had the pleasure of fitting a man name Gregory. He was diagnosed with Usher Syndrome at an early age and was already diagnosed as blind in his teens. We were completely moved by Gregory and all of his extracurricular activities, including being a Toastmasters leader, bible studies discussion leader, and musician.


We followed up with Gregory a few months after his fitting and are incredibly happy and excited to share the news that his new hearing aids have made a big difference. Greg can now hear soft spoken people he didn’t used to be able to hear in his Toastmasters brainstorming sessions; he is more comfortable in social settings such as restaurants and the movie theater; and his diction has improved!


Gregory won Toastmasters of the Year, and has hopes of writing a children’s book and creating music to go along with it. He is also attending the Helen Keller National Center for a convention in October that teaches independent living skills, where he hopes to be a discussion leader.


At the end of our call, Gregory said something that reminded us of why we do what we do. “The gift of hearing has opened up a whole new world of possibilities,” he said, “and for that I am forever grateful.”