About This Project

Makenissa School for
the Deaf

Rebecca Gebremichael is a Student Doctor of Audiology who has been working with HearAid Foundation board members. When she told us of her intention to visit Ethiopia on a medical mission with Healing the Children, she asked us if we would support her. We contributed 18 hearing aids to provide to students at the Makenissa School for the Deaf in and young patients at CURE Hospital, both in Addis Ababa, to help them hear.


There are currently no audiologists living in Ethiopia. Hearing is the only way that children can learn to communicate in Ethiopia.


Rebecca fitted and dispensed all of the hearing aids she took with her, to children ages 4 to 17. Some children traveled days with their families to meet her at the school for her assistance; some had never had a hearing aid before; some had hearing aids that were broken or had dead batteries. Rebecca and her colleagues trained school staff, parents and the children on cleaning and maintaining their devices. She hopes to be part of the return trip in December to follow up with the children, provide more batteries, and see how hearing has changed their lives.


It was a great honor for HearAid Foundation to be involved in this aid effort, and we are eager to support Rebecca as she continues to serve children in Ethiopia and around the world who need help hearing.