About This Project


On January 20, 2015 Mercy came in to be fitted with new hearing aids by Dr. Khachatoorians at UCLA Medical Center. She was diagnosed with hearing loss at birth and has a moderately severe to severe bilateral hearing loss. Mercy wore hearing aids until the age of ten. After experiencing shame and misunderstanding about her hearing challenge, Mercy stopped wearing hearing aids… until today.


At age 30, she was fitted with her first adult pair of hearing aids. She recently started school to get her degree in Theology and Divinity and works full-time to supplement her education. Mercy was having a difficult time hearing the professor and could not rely on her lipreading as much. She came to UCLA for a hearing exam and that is where she met Dr. Khachatoorians. After evaluating Mercy and hearing her story, he referred her to HearAid Foundation. We were able to get Mercy state-of-the-art hearing aids and she couldn’t believe that difference from her old childhood hearing aids.


The day after her fitting, Mercy told us she wore her aids the entire day and was blown away with the sounds she heard, not realizing there were so many different sounds in everyday life. The most meaningful and touching experience she shared was that she had her first “whispered” conversation with her husband that night and how amazing it felt. We are so proud of being a part of something so huge for Mercy and believe this can jump start an incredible career and life for her. We look forward to hearing great things!