About This Project


Nixon was born medically fragile with a profound bilateral hearing loss. A friend of Nixon’s family heard about HearAid Foundation and inquired if we could help him with hearing aids. His mom was contacted immediately afterwards and she greatly impressed us with her positive attitude and understanding of her very young baby!


We were lucky enough to meet Nixon, his mom and his aunt at his hearing aid fitting in June of 2013. Though we provided Nixon with two hearing aids, he really needed a Cochlear Implant for his right ear. Stephanie and Rich Hunter created a petition that received more than 45,000 signatures, resulting in United Healthcare agreeing to cover the costs for this. However, Nixon was admitted to CHOC hospital soon after his hearing aid fitting and would remain there for the next three months. Nixon accomplished more in his 8 months of life than some adults can claim in their entire lifespan. In true Nixon Wildcard Hunter form, he fought until the end.


In the couple of months that we knew Nixon, he made such an impact on our lives and touched us deeply with his drive, strength, and personality. Such an amazing inspiration he was and will continue to be.


“Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” – Winnie the Pooh