About This Project


“I honestly have no words to describe how I felt when you informed me you were getting a new hearing aid for me,” said Renu after finding out that HearAid Foundation was going to help her.


Renu was born with severe to profound hearing loss in both ears and was wearing aids by the age of thirteen months. Though her hearing loss is severe, she is an excellent lip reader. This is due to her parents’ insistence that she be placed in an oral program to help mainstream her.


Renu was seen by Paul Dietsch who has been working with her for over ten years and who graciously fit her at Oceanside Hearing Aid Center. We were able to help her by providing a hearing aid for her left ear.


Renu would love to work with deaf and hard of hearing individuals. “I’m a single mom of two children and still have not been able to find a job where potential employers can see beyond my deafness. Knowing that I no longer have to worry about a new aid for the near future is a HUGE load off my shoulders. I truly am so thankful for your help during this time in my life.”