About This Project


Robert was referred to HearAid by his hearing specialist after noticing his steady decline in his studies after receiving high grades in the past. He is a child who has a strong sense of responsibility towards his parents, and he is a major caregiver for his mother who suffers from a serious injury. Robert is loved by his classmates and teachers and after realizing he was declining in his studies, his hearing specialist contacted HearAid.


Robert’s hearing aids were outdated and old and they didn’t have much technological capabilities. Dr. Corinne Mann fitted Robert with newer devices gifted to him by HearAid Foundation, which give him better access to hearing in and out of the classroom. They also provide him with the “cool” factors of streaming bluetooth and music directly to his hearing aids, boosting his morale and confidence with these added perks! He is now experiencing great success in high school and his teachers and peers see him as an excellent leader and role model. We all have high hopes for Robert’s future!