Revisiting Makenissa School for the Deaf, Ethiopia

A follow-up on HearAid schoolchildren recipients in Addis Ababa

In February 2014 Rebecca Gebremichael traveled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on a medical mission with Healing the Children. We supported Rebecca’s mission by contributing 18 hearing aids to provide to students at the Makenissa School for the Deaf and CURE Hospital. Rebecca helped to assess and fit many children with hearing aids. This month, Rebecca made a return trip to have follow-up appointments with each of the recipients, as well as to dispense 26 more hearing aids provided by HearAid Foundation to new recipients there.

Since Ethiopia does not have a system to support individuals or children with hearing loss, these aid missions that Rebecca has taken with Healing the Children have been absolutely life changing for the children and families receiving the hearing services and devices. Rebecca reports that tears of thanks and joy were shed by parents at just about every appointment, because they are being able to talk to their children – some for the first time.

We are proud of Rebecca, thankful to Healing the Children for giving us the opportunity to participate in this effort, and we look forward to hearing about successes these children will have!